Rodney Durso 2022

Rodney is a graphic designer by trade and was founder and creative director of Stormhouse Partners, a branding and design agency based in New York. In 2006, while working and teaching as an adjunct professor at Parsons School of Design, Rodney rented a studio in West Chelsea thus began his transition into painting and fine art.

Having created 500+ drawings, paintings and collages since then, Rodney’s work has taken on new depth and meaning but is still grounded in a strong sense of graphic organization, color, type and imagery that speaks to his earlier work as a designer.

Rodney is Founder and Board Chair at ArtBridge, an international nonprofit arts organization that gives emerging artists unprecedented exposure by exhibiting their work in extra large format on construction scaffolding and fencing.

Rodney is also a Co-founder and Advisor at Off Site Art (OSA), ArtBridge’s sister organization in L’Aquila, Italy. OSA was created after a 2009 earthquake left much of that city in ruins. Consequently, while under repair by Italian and International teams, the city became the site of the largest construction project in Europe with much of the city covered in scaffolding. Operating with a similar mission to ArtBridge, OSA has curated and installed dozens of large outdoor art installations around the city and continues to work at beautifying the hilly, university town 115km North of Rome.

In 2020, Rodney launched a new design studio, called DursoCreative, where he conceptualizes and creates brand and design projects for small to midsize organizations in the New York City area. He currently lives and works in West Chelsea, NYC and Brookfield, Connecticut.