This new project is a reinterpretation of a previous series, but this time created on women’s handbags. In my original Graffiti series (circa mid-2000s), each painting was a visual rant of sorts, incorporating random text, lines, and shapes, rendered in pen, paint and collage, based on current events of the time: social, political and economic news that were making headlines.

In this newest evolution, I still love working with arbitrary words, nonsensical phrases and ideas, but this time I’ve pulled more from my own imagination than the news. I love the randomness of words, text and images with bits of sarcasm, humor and characters of my own creation. Don’t ask me what it all means, but I can say that when I’m in that place of artistic ‘flow’ the ideas just keep coming. I don’t know if I’m channeling something or someone, but I know I love working this way, and based on feedback so far, so do others.