Mega-Something thumbs

Mega-Something Thumbnails About This Series Megasomething was my first painted series, a group of works that felt like they belonged together. I sensed that these pieces were really meant to be larger, even giant sized. The namesake piece seems to be a large structure, maybe a piece of architecture of some kind, and the loose, […]

Geometric Series Thumb

Geometric Series Thumbnails About This Series This series was created at the time when I was applying to graduate school, and I seemed to have geometry on the brain. Shortly after I created these works, I was accepted to a Masters of Architecture program at Parsons School of Design. The summer was then spent in […]

Wood Panel Series Thumbs

Wood Panel Series Thumbnails About This Series This series was inspired by the shape and size of the wooden panels. Each one is 12″ x 24″ and 1/8″ thick. I had come across the panels in a hardware store in Connecticut in 2014, and decided that I would make them my summer project. Working on […]

Signs & Symbols Thumbs

Signs & Symbols Thumbnails About This Series Signs and symbols is a series that has its roots in my work as a graphic designer and my love of typography. I’m attracted to type: line, form and stroke. I think that images alone can’t tell the full story of a visual idea. I believe that symbols, […]