About This Series

The narrative of my current work has evolved into a series I call Disfashionate, a word I coined, and the hashtag (#disfashionate) I created for social media. The art is a comment on the way the fashion industry manipulates photographs of women to completely unrealistic and unattainable levels of beauty – thus establishing a kind of de facto, yet completely artificial standard that is impossible for any actual person to achieve.

In the series, I manipulate and deconstruct the images even further, and push them to the point of being ridiculous and even grotesque. The idea being; “what is too far?” and “how far will the fashion and advertising industry go to sell products?” I believe there is no limit to how much the industry will alter an image in service of selling products. I would like the works in Disfashionate to provoke thoughtful conversation around this topic, and perhaps inspire progress towards more realistic depictions of the female form.