On Democracy
Newspace Center for Photography
Portland, OR
October 7 - October 9, 2016
About This Exhibition

On Democracy reflects a political landscape in today’s America that is fraught with chaos, confusion and contradiction. Collected in this exhibition are photographs and video by artists searching for the illusive American Ideal in unique ways. It demonstrates the iconography of freedom, a participation in true democracy, and the distortion of the current process. What is at stake is something that goes well beyond a voter in a booth making a simple choice—it is the American legacy and social identity. Works in the exhibition reflect the deep inequality inherent to our political and judicial system; the outsized role and power of capital in our lives; but also the humanity that drives American society in its complexity and beauty.

Artists: Josh Alan | Cecilia Clark | Jasmine Clark | Francis Crisafio | Daniel Cronin | Rodney Durso | Dan Gemkow | Ann Mansolino | Ruby McShane | Julie Perini | Stephen Spiller | Dan Tague | Mike Vos | Russ Widstrand

Selections by Claartje van Dijk, International Center of Photography, New York