Superfine! Art Fair
Los Angeles, California
February 14 - 17, 2019
About This Exhibition

Superfine! - The Fair was created in 2015 as a reaction against the art market — inflated prices, sluggish sales, and a widening valley between a constantly growing art-appreciating public and an insular art world positioned outside of their price range and comfort zone. The result is a brisk (and fun) sales atmosphere for exhibitors and collectors alike. Over the years, Superfine! has emerged as an alternative to typical "big box" art fairs — a transparent, approachable environment for buying and selling art that maintains some of the highest curatorial standards in the industry while working to open up the market to new collectors and emerging galleries and artists world-wide.

Superfine! Art Fair's inaugural Los Angeles show brings diverse, accessible art to Downtown Los Angeles' Magic Box at The Reef for Valentine's Day weekend. The curated, diverse roster of more than 250 artists includes an outsized LGBTQ and female representation.