Geometric Series

About This Series

This series was created at the time when I was applying to graduate school, and I seemed to have geometry on the brain. Shortly after I created these works, I was accepted to a Masters of Architecture program at Parsons School of Design. The summer was then spent in a 6-week architecture boot-camp of sorts, where we ate, breathed and slept architecture. In the end, I realized that I was happier making art than building models and learning to draft — so I left the program and began to spend more time in the studio.
The series of paintings is important to me as it also refers to my previous career in graphic design, where all things were based on straight lines, right-angles and neat and tidy type, but having the freedom of the paint brush (instead of a computer mouse), there was still plenty of room for keeping things loose within the confines of the canvas. This series is also part of my larger works, all are acrylic on canvas and range in size from 48″ x 48″ to 36″ x 72″.